Rotary International Medal of Honor

The Rotary "of the Year" Medal of Honor is the new standard for Rotary Clubs and Districts to recognize, honor, and award firefighters, police officers, and EMT Personnel in their

local community for acts of heroism and bravery.





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Origination of the Rotary Medal

Started as a Community Service project in his local club, the medal was designed by Joseph A. Wutkowski, a fellow Rotarian and member of the Rotary Club of Carteret which is in District 7475 in New Jersey.

Joseph has served in positions including Club President and since been awarded a Paul Harris Fellow.

"I joined the Rotary Club in a professional capacity as a local town accountant and former city councilman. However, my original passion before and during my years as an accountant was a volunteer firefighter, serving my town of Carteret, New Jersey." - Joe Wutkowski

The medal was created with the vision for Rotary Clubs across the world to honor their local heroes. Firefighters, EMTs, and Police Officers are typically awarded medals for valor and courage to proudly wear on their uniforms and now they can be awarded one for being selected as an “of the Year” recipient!

The Rotary Medal of Honor is officially licensed with the permission of Rotary International.

Contact Joseph Wutkowski

For more questions on the Rotary Medal of Honor for First Responders, please reach out to Joseph directly at

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Sierra Vista Rotary Club Police Officer of the Year

Congratulations to Officer Annalise Roselli, recipient of the Rotary Police Officer of the Year award. Picture of President Fred, Past President Nancy, Officer Roselli, Chief Thrasher, and Mayor Rick Mueller.