The Standard for Awarding Firefighters and EMS Personnel

Dedicated to their community, brave, caring and sentimental in their pursuit of saving lives and property, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians deserve the recognition and the awards that reflect their heroism and dedication. It is now possible for all Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians to be honored with the prestige due them with medals and citation bars by First Responder Medals of Honor.

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Citation Bars

Sure Grips

Rotary International

Name Plates

Citation Bar Holders

Vehicle Window Shields

Identify Yourself At The Scene!

Our vehicle shields are offered in two colors - gold and silver. EMS design is also available. All window shields include free engraving of the top and bottom arch to include your name, city, department, position, or our most popular - "family member"

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firefighter grave markers

Our Grave Markers are perfect for engraving the top and bottom arch - free! Use the arches to customize your name, DOD, department name, title, or years of service.

Grave marker includes a standard "Tab" for Firefighter, Ex-Chief, or Captain. Custom tabs are available to add to your marker. All markers include a flag holder.